Self Build

Garden Room

A complete guide to building your own

timber frame garden room.

How to Build A Garden Room

Would you like to know how to build a garden room?

Building your own Garden room can be easy if you have a plan.

Save time, money and stress by following our step by step guides and digital plans, showing how to build your own Timber Frame Garden Room.

Build Steps


Base, Walls and Roof. A good frame is the key to a strong building that will stand tall for years.


Breathable Membrane, Siberian Larch or Red Cedar Cladding and a rubber roof provide a weather tight finish that will last.


Insulation, Plaster and Paint.

A clean, fresh interior, full of light.

Design, planning and cost

Designing and planning your Garden room can be very time-consuming, luckily, we have done all of the work for you.

Choose from a range of plans for the “self builder”, each one contains detailed drawings, an itemized price list and links to the materials online.

Garden Room Plans

New and improved !

Digital Plans for various sizes of Garden rooms.

  • Detailed plans
  • List of all materials
  • Material quantity and price
  • Links to each item
Garden Office project

Garden Office project

Follow the build of a 4.8mx 3.3m Garden Office project from start to finish, showing how to build your own garden Office.

You can see all of the steps to achieve a high-quality, well-insulated garden room that can be used all year round.


Materials Calculator

Struggling to work out how much insulation, plasterboard, and Cladding you need to build your garden room?

Using some basic dimensions, you can calculate how much insulation, plasterboard, flooring, and Cladding you will need using our free calculator

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Self Build Garden room


A few tips to make your self build successful.


Time spent getting the frame true and level will make the build much easier.

Wire mesh

Wire mesh under the base will stop vermin from getting under the building

Roof slope

Make sure the roof has a minimum slope 25mm per metre!