Top 5 Garden Room heaters for any budget

Which type of Garden Room heater is best for you?

If you use your garden room all year round, you will need a garden room heater for the colder months, Electric heaters are the popular option, but there are lots of choices out there.

In this article, we’ll compare five different garden room heaters, Electric convection heaters, Electric oil-filled radiators, Electric fan heaters, Air conditioning, and Wood burners.

We’ll explain how they’re different from each other and why you should consider each type when heating your garden room.

Electric convection heater

convection heater

Electric convection heaters are the most common garden room heaters. They are excellent for year-round use, as they heat the air quickly and can be free-standing or wall-mounted.  And are completely silent when running.

Most are available with 24-hour timers and are thermostatically controlled, some have smart controls that enable you to control them from anywhere, which is ideal for pre-warming an office before your day begins.

They are relatively cheap to buy and install.


  • fast to heat up
  • cheap to buy


  • They Create a “dry” air
TCP Smart Glass Panel Heater
  • 2 Heat settings; 1000w Low & 2000w High with Electronic Thermostat Control
  • Child Lock Protective feature & automatic turn off if tipped over
  • Set timers and schedules
  • Works via TCP Smart App with voice control with Alexa and Google Home
  • Wall Fitting, Brackets and install Feet included

Electric oil-filled radiator

oil filled radiator

Electric oil-filled radiators are also silent when running and tend to be free-standing, which offers flexibility but they take up floor space.

These take longer to heat the room than convection heaters, but the oil retains heat, maintaining warmth for longer after they are switched off, which again can be controlled via a thermostat, timer, or smart controls.

They are low in cost with no installation required. 


  • They create a constant and comfortable temperature
  • Safety, they are less likely to cause a fire if left unattended
  • cheap to buy


  • It can take a while to get a cold room up to temperature
NETTA Oil Filled Radiator
  • POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT: Silent but powerful NETTA 2000W Electric Radiator with 9 oil-filled fins will heat a room of up to 20m².
  • YOU’RE IN CONTROL: With an adjustable thermostat 7˚C – 35˚C, two power settings and a built-in 24-hour timer.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The four easy-glide castor wheels and integral carry handle, 1.5M power cable, and a built-in cable tidy.
  • SAFETY MATTERS: Overheating protection system
Zanussi 2300W Oil Filled Radiator
  • SUITABLE FOR ROOM SIZES UP TO 20m² – Maximum 2.3kW heat output and 11 fins for efficient heating. Ideal for heating living and working spaces, such as your living room, bedroom or home office
  • SLEEK & COMPACT – A stylish oil filled radiator heats the room without taking up too much space
  • POWERFUL & EASY TO USE – Adjustable thermostat and 3 heat settings (1000W/1300W/2300W)
  • TOUCH CONTROL DISPLAY AND REMOTE CONTROL – Easy-to-use display and remote control
  • SAFE AND PORTABLE – With overheat and tip-over protection.

Electric fan heater

electric fan heater

Electric fan heaters also are free-standing and quite small, they heat up the room really quickly, but the fans can be quite noisy.

They are very cheap to buy with no installation required. This makes them ideal for anyone just needing a blast of heat to raise the temperature or those on a small budget.

The small size means they can be stored away over the warmer months and just used when required


  • fast to heat up
  • cheap to buy


  • noisy
  • Safety, these shouldn’t be left on and unattended
STAYWARM® 2000w Fan Heater
  • COMPACT FLATBED AND UPRIGHT DESIGN: The 2000w Fan Heater sits horizontally or stands vertically.
  • TWO HEAT SETTINGS AND COOL BLOW FAN: Switch between the two heat settings (1000w/2000w) and a cool blow function
  • VARIABLE THERMOSTAT: Use the variable thermostat dial to set the temperature level to keep a consistent temperature
  • FROST WATCH PROTECTION: The built-in frost watch protection allows the fan heater to switch on automatically if the room temperature dips below 5°c.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Automatic overheat protection

Air conditioning

air conditioning unit

Air conditioning can both heat and cool the air and help maintain a constant temperature and humidity level.

It can be a good choice for garden room heating, they can be expensive to install, but cheaper to run than electric radiators.


  • maintain a regular temperature
  • cheap to run


  • Expensive to buy and install

Wood burner

wood burner stove

 Wood burners look fantastic in a timber cabin, whether traditional or contemporary, and they perform well too.

They warm quickly, retain heat, and are carbon-neutral if you can use a sustainable local fuel source. They must be professionally installed by a HETAS engineer to ensure your safety.

This can be expensive once you include the flue and installation.


  • takes time and effort to light each time
  • cheap to run if you have access to dry logs.


  • Expensive to buy and install

Now you have chosen your garden room heater, you need to insulate it, see our Garden room insulation guide below

Heating and Insulation


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