Best Garden Room flooring ideas

If you’re thinking about using a garden room all year round, it’s important to understand what type of Garden room flooring will be best for you. It might seem like there’s an endless number of choices out there, but if you know what you want, it’s actually pretty simple.

Let’s look at different types of Garden room flooring: laminate, luxury vinyl, and linoleum. We’ll explain how they’re different from each other and why you should consider each type when building your garden room.

Types of Garden Room Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring is composed of three layers: a plywood or fiberboard base layer, a photo-realistic image layer, and a hard plastic wear layer to protect against scuffs, dings, and dents. When it comes to hardwood floor alternatives, laminate often looks and feels the most realistic. many laminate products have become virtually indistinguishable from real hardwood in recent years. Laminate is very affordable, When it comes to fake wood flooring, it’s the best of all worlds.

laminate garden room flooring

It is extremely durable – Protected by a tough external layer and resin coating, a laminate floor is much stronger and more scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, and longer lasting than any hardwood, vinyl, or carpet. It’s resistant to dogs, cats, kids, and even high heels.

Laminate flooring is stain, fade, and moisture resistant – Most laminate flooring manufacturers offer extensive warranty protection against stains, fading, and moisture damage. which is great for Garden room flooring.

It is easy to clean and maintain – Laminate’s superior stain and moisture-resistant surface coating make spills and other messes easy to handle. This special surface doesn’t require waxes or varnishes to keep it looking great, but water shouldn’t be left on the surface for long periods of time.

Not only is laminate flooring generally less expensive than other hard surface floors to start with, but when its durability and longevity are considered, it becomes a particularly economical choice.

Laminate flooring comes in a variety of styles, mostly creating the look of hardwood or stone.

Luxury vinyl tiles

Luxury vinyl flooring is vinyl flooring that is made up of multiple layers.  The surface, or top of the flooring, has a design layer that is an extremely high-quality representation of either wood, stone, or tiles.  The designs are very authentic and can help to transform any space without some of the drawbacks of a natural product.

luxury vinyl tiles for garden room flooring

LVT flooring is extremely durable and hard-wearing, soft to walk on, and the biggest bonus… It’s waterproof.

The flooring has a built-in scratch and stain guard.  LVT is much more robust than wood, tile, or laminate flooring that can easily become worn due to daily wear and tear.  Certain manufacturers of LVT even offer a 25-year guarantee on their domestic range.

Most types of LVT are 100% waterproof, making them ideal for garden room flooring, or anywhere with excess water.

Another benefit of LVT is that there are endless designs to choose from.  All are authentic in appearance and give a realistic representation of either wood flooring or ceramic or stone tiles.  The designs are of high quality and new designs are continually becoming available.

LVT is extremely versatile and practical.  Its durability, robustness, and waterproof properties mean that it can be installed easily in a Garden room.  It can withstand the high footfall associated with busy areas.  It can be used with underfloor heating and in rooms where temperature constantly changes.  And most types are fully waterproof.

Linoleum flooring

Linoleum flooring is also incredibly durable for garden room flooring and the cheapest of the bunch, It usually comes in one piece which is rolled out like a carpet, it is very quick and easy to install.

Much of the linoleum on the market comes with at least a 20-year warranty. This is because the option is so durable; it can withstand normal wear and tear for up to 40 years.

lino garden room flooring roll

It is affordable and is made from materials that are naturally renewable, which makes it a less expensive option than some of the other floor coverings on the market.

Linoleum flooring is versatile and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It creates an easy-to-clean, waterproof surface.

also, It’s environmentally friendly. It is made of renewable materials such as tree resins, linseed oil, cork dust, wood flour, and mineral pigments. As such, this flooring option is biodegradable.

It is naturally anti-bacterial and easy to maintain. requiring no upkeep other than regular sweeping and mopping to keep it looking great.

Linoleum is a softer floor covering than some other options available today. So, walking across a linoleum floor is much quieter and more comfortable.

It is perfect for water resistance in entryways and other high-traffic areas where beauty and durability must come together at an affordable price.

Engineered hardwood flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is a common option on high-spec garden Rooms, It is higher spec than laminate and cheaper than hardwood floors.

Engineered flooring is again made of layers laminated together. Unlike laminate which has a wood effect finish, engineered flooring has a real hardwood top layer. This gives you the luxury of a hardwood floor with the durability of an engineered floor.

The top layer of hardwood can range in thickness. The thicker this top layer, the longer lasting the flooring. The natural top layer can be resanded if it gets damaged.

Hardwood flooring

This type of flooring is made from solid hardwood,  It is a top-end, durable flooring with all the beauty of real wood.

Because the boards are solid sections of wood. They are prone to movement from environmental changes. They must be allowed to acclimatize in the garden room for up to 2 weeks before being laid.

Stone & tiles

Some Garden Rooms have a concrete floor. This is a good base for stone or tiled floors. Which are very durable.

There are a huge range of natural stone or tiles to choose from

Stone or tiled floors can be combined with underfloor heating too.

What is the best flooring for a Garden Room?

Laminate Flooring seems to be the popular choice, but, It really depends on the usage of your Garden room and your budget.

Whichever type of Garden room flooring you choose, you won’t be disappointed, it really depends on your budget and personal preference.

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