Garden Room Roof Options

When creating your dream garden room, one of the most crucial elements is your choice of roof covering.

The right roof not only protects the structural integrity of your garden room but also impacts its aesthetics.

We’ll look at various roof coverings available for your garden room, ensuring that you make an informed decision that suits both form and function.

garden room roof - rubber roof

Garden Room Roof Coverings

There is a choice of Garden room roof covering options.

While the industry often labels them as “flat-roofed” garden rooms, they’re not flat. The roof features a deliberate slope to allow water runoff and prevent pooling. The pitch angle varies, influenced by the roof’s dimensions, but usually requires a minimum fall of 25mm per metre..

Generally, “flat-roofed” buildings have the slope running from front to back, although side-to-side slopes can be found in some cases.

EPDM Roofing

Our recommendation.

An EPDM (Rubber roof), with its dark gray or black appearance, has emerged as a leading choice for flat garden room roofs.

This thick rubber sheeting, previously common in commercial buildings, is now very popular in the garden room industry.

EPDM is laid in whole sheets, eliminating the need for joins. Suppliers often provide extended warranties on EPDM installations, and manufacturers boast impressive lifespans of over 50 years. Special kerbs on the roof’s edges, including drip trims, direct moisture into the rainwater guttering, ensuring a seamless and watertight solution.

Fibreglass Roofing

Fibreglass roofing systems, known for their longevity, have adorned flat roof buildings for more than three decades. Similar to other garden room roofing options, fibreglass roofs come with warranties that often extend for 30 years.

These roofs feature a single, unbroken sheet of fibreglass, reducing the risk of leaks. Additionally, specially designed trims and drip trims on the roof’s edges ensure efficient water drainage. Fibreglass roofing is available in various colors, from traditional bitumen and metallic hues to vibrant finishes. Some suppliers even offer ribbed or slate-tile-effect sheets to add a touch of style to your garden room.

Living Roofs

Living roof coverings are a favorite choice for many garden room enthusiasts, offering not only aesthetics but also environmental benefits and added insulation.

Sedum roofs, in particular, stand out due to their lightweight, low-maintenance nature and year-round appeal. These roofs are layered systems, often laid over an EPDM membrane for waterproofing and structural protection.

Above the protective membrane, extra layers prevent plant roots from penetrating. A growing medium provides essential nutrients for the plants while being lightweight. Many suppliers use pre-grown mats to establish greenery instantly. You can even choose the types of plants used to ensure a year-round display of colors. Keep in mind that living roof systems require some light maintenance, making an annual check-up necessary to ensure their vitality.

Insulated Roof Panels

Insulated roof panels are a popular option for flat Garden Room roofs. These large sheets, often crafted by renowned insulation manufacturers like Kingspan, consist of two layers of color-coated steel with insulation in between.

This sandwich-like construction serves as both the interior ceiling finish and the protective outer layer of the roof. The panels are profiled and locked together, providing a seamless look. They also attach to the walls, making it unnecessary to install roof rafters. To maximize insulation, inquire about the panel’s thickness, as thicker options offer superior warmth. Joints between the sheets feature plastic strips. For larger garden rooms, extra internal support may be required, sometimes requirign visible beams. Keep in mind that due to the lack of a void in the roof structure, recessed ceiling lights are not an option, with lights typically fitted to the walls.

Torch-on Bitumen

For those who appreciate a traditional approach, some companies offer torch-on bitumen roof systems. These systems consist of multiple layers of reinforced polyester membrane bonded by high-temperature bitumen. The result is a long-lasting, low-maintenance option with a classic charm.


Selecting the ideal roof covering for your garden room roof is a critical decision that impacts both the longevity and appearance of your space.

Whether you prefer the modern durability of EPDM, the timeless charm of fibreglass, the classic touch of torch-on bitumen, the eco-friendly allure of living roofs, or the efficient insulation of insulated roof panels. each option offers distinct advantages.

Assess your garden room’s specific needs and your preferences to make an informed choice that ensures a cozy and stylish haven for your work or relaxation.

Frequently asked questions

What is the lifespan of EPDM roofing for a garden room?

EPDM roofing is known for its durability and often comes with a lifespan of 50+ years. With proper installation and maintenance, it can provide long-lasting protection for your garden room.

Can I install a living roof on any type of garden room?

Living roofs are a popular choice for garden offices, but they require proper structural support and waterproofing, usually using an EPDM membrane. Consult with your supplier to determine if your garden room is suitable for a living roof.

Are insulated roof panels only suitable for flat roofs?

Insulated roof panels are versatile and can be used on both flat and steeper pitched roofs. The choice depends on your specific needs and preferences, as they offer excellent insulation properties.

What kind of maintenance is required for a fibreglass roof in a garden room?

Fibreglass roofs are relatively low maintenance. An occasional visual inspection and cleaning of debris is typically sufficient. With a warranty of up to 30 years, they are a hassle-free roofing option.

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